Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss.

You want to lose Weight.

Losing Weight Isn’t Easy:  But you can do It.

Diet and Exercise for Weight Loss; is a great way to lose weight.  But, before you do; you need to plan.  For instance; you should at least see a Doctor First; you should talk to a Doctor about your health and what Exercise Plan is right for you.

There are other things you should plan too; for instance; do you have the right shoes for this?  Before you start exercising; you might want to look into buying shoes with inserts.  You might want to buy shoes which are right for exercising.  Not only that; but exercise clothing too.


Now, if you want to go into Diet and Exercise; for instance; suppose you exercise a LOT.  There is talk about this; that you may Exercise so much that you don`t need to Diet.  I want to say here too; for anybody; but for those with Health Problems too.  You may want to try jogging and running; and you may decide to go with one of those; or both later.  But, I recommend when starting exercise; start with walking.  Walking is low stress; and jogging and running may cause health problems at the beginning or later.  I recommend walking.  Walking is a low stress exercise that you can still lose weight with:  And there are health problems such as “Flat Feet” that jogging or running may cause.  And as I said; you might want to look into buy shoes with inserts.


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If you want to start walking?  You may start just walking around your neighborhood; and as you get used to it; walk more; if you can you; once you are in better shape; maybe walk a mile a day.  You can also bring something to listen to music with too.  But, once you start walking; you could start walking up to 5 Miles a day.  If you were able to walk 5 Miles a day; you would probably most likely not have to worry about what you eat.  And I will say this again; you may want to look to buy shoes that are Excellent for Exercise.

But, to Diet; there are many kinds of Diet that you can go with; for instance; there is 
Vegetarian, Vegan, or Keto.  There are many diets out there; if you however are looking for 
a Diet to go with Exercise; you might just try to eat well.  Get enough Vegetables and 
fruit; that is important;  I am not saying go on a Fruit and Vegetable Diet; but that 
might be something to think about.  But, and this depends on if you are exercising enough?  
Try to eat well of all the food groups.  Say for instance you are indeed walking 5 Miles a day. 
 Then you would not really want to skimp on anything; and you might even be able to indulge.  
And I think you should really buy shoes that are Exercise Excellent and Friendly.

But, let`s say you are just starting and want to have a Diet Plan.  You would want to drink enough water; I recommend 2 Liters of Water Per day.  But, and excuse me; you will have to pee it out.  Then I recommend Vegetable and Fruit Drinks.  While you are dieting; you might want to have 2 to 4 a day each.  And the water should filter out any problems with drinking that much Fruit and Vegetable drinks.  Now, as I am saying; if you are Exercising enough; you will probably be able to eat whatever you want.

But, for Diet Ideas; first things first; cut out red meat.  Instead; try eating Peanut Butter.  Also; try to cut out bread, and instead eat a filling soup.  Cut out Red Meat, Cut out Grains, try to eat Vegetables and fruit as much as you can.  If you have to eat grain; eat non salted crackers.  Cut out cheese too.  Try to drink milk with a low percentage of fat:  Such as 0 or 1% Milk.  Don`t cut out all dairy, but you will want to cut out sweets too.  Those are just some ideas to lose weight.

As I said; and I must remind; before starting any Diet and Exercise Plan; go with a Doctor and if possible a Nutritionist with The Diet and Exercise Plan.

And I will say again; if you get up to walking 5 Miles a day; it can be 2.5 Miles away and 2.5 Miles back.  But, if you get up to walking 5 Miles a day; you should be able to eat whatever you want.

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