Eat 12 Small Meals a Day; to Lose Weight.

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I am going to say here; first things first; I only have my Education with Stratford Career Institute; which is not Accredited everywhere.  So, on any Diet, you should Consult with a Dietitian and a Doctor.  You should consult with the correct Medical People.  Now on to the diet:  This Diet is should help you:  It is Eating 12 Small Meals a Day to Lose Weight.

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It is said that eating 6 small meals a day; that it can help you lose weight; so if you want to lose weight faster; you may want to eat 12 small meals a day.  You might just try smoothies and see if you can make one meal out of that.  For 12 Small Meals though; you might try portion control:  With this diet; you might want to only eat snack portions. You might just start with Egg Whites with Potatoes; and Bacon; very well cooked and dry to start the day; with no grease on them.

But, you can decide your own Portions.  You are eating 12 small meals a day.  You might try snacking just a little; but if not.  Try to keep the Portions to a small amount.  For instance; for one meal; you might eat 2 boiled eggs.  For another meal; you might have one small portion of fries; and if that is not enough; try a large portion of fries.  But, with my suggestions; tailor the diet to your needs; just don’t eat a meal which is too big.  Try to keep it to small meals.

Beautiful Curvy Woman.

And as I said; consult with a Doctor and Dietitian; they can give you advice; once you tell them that you are on a 12 meal diet; on what should be the portion sizes.  But, I suggest you tailor this diet to your own needs; and if you not lose weight; ask the correct Medical Professional or go Online to find out what your portion size should be.  But, for instance too; you might eat cheese and non salted crackers.  You might eat about 8 to 12 non salted crackers with cheese.  But, if you can; figure out how to tailor the Diet to your own needs.


Voluptuous Woman  And if you want; you can eat Meal Replacement snacks.  If you are confused about what to eat on this diet?  I don`t recommend eating them all time; but you can buy meal replacement snacks.

And I have to say here again; I am not a Doctor or Dietitian; before starting any Diet; and I mean ANY DIET!  Please Consult with at least a Doctor First!

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