Using Ensure: For Diet And Weight Loss.

This article is called:  Using Ensure For Diet And Weight Loss.  Now, I will say right here at the beginning; and after this; I will give mostly a glowing review; but some People did complain about the taste; saying that it was “Chalky” and “Watery.”.  But, for the most part:  Clients of Amazon gave it a glowing review.  I am just going to say though; only try to buy a bit at first; so that if you don`t like the taste; your not stuck with a bunch of it.  And I have to say too; some Clients complained about the top of the bottle and the plastic; mainly elderly Clients.  They complained it was hard to open.  So, if you are elderly and want to try this product; you might either want to have someone younger open it for you.  Or have your own way to open it.

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I have to say here; I am not a Doctor or really a Medical Person; although I do have a Diploma from Stratford Career Institute as a Health Care Aide which is not accepted everywhere.  So, before beginning any diet; you should talk to at least a Doctor first; and the appropriate Medical Professionals.  I highly encourage this.

Now, I will probably be saying this many times:  If your calorie intake is lower than the Calories you burn; you will lose weight.  That is right; the less calories you take in; and the more calories you burn; the more weight you will lose;  Some People have said that they start the day with Ensure and a Banana and lose Weight.  And Ensure is Low Calorie, Low Fat, and high Protein.

And it has been said; if you eat or drink something with High Protein like Ensure; you won`t feel so hungry, and I didn`t mention; you are also getting all the vitamins you need per day.  And it is said; that a Person should not exceed more than three servings per day.  And People who are Diabetic should consult a Doctor; or if the Person is Aged.

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