The Late Night Cereal Diet.

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This is The Late Night Cereal Diet.

I just want to say here; I am not a Doctor or Dietitian; before starting any kind of Diet; you should consult with a Medical Person.  And I am not just talking about this Diet; before starting any Diet; you should see a Medical Professional

This is The Late Night Cereal Diet.  What this consists of; is eating 3 to 5 bowls of Cereal before going to sleep.  You will want to sleep on it.  It will help keep you full if you do.  Now, if you want to really lose weight; you might want to keep the cereals to Special K or Rice Krispies.  With Special K and Rice Krispies; that should help you lose weight.  And if you want to eat this?  You could try Multi-Grain Cheerios too.  You could have for instance; 3 Bowls of Rice Krispies; and then 2 Bowls of Multi-Grain Cheerios.  But, the important thing is to eat before sleeping.

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And also I want to say; while on this Diet; drink lots of water, and make sure you get enough Nutrition.  That is drink Water, and have juice, preferably Fruit Punch, and have V8, or some kind of other Vegetable.

Now, if you follow this; and I will say once again; you should have the cereal before going to bed.

If you are following this; you should not be hungry for a long time during the day.

But, if you drink lots of water; and it is said; about 8 ounce, “8 Ounce, 8 Glasses a Water a day”, to Paraphrase.  And you drink Fruit Juice, and get some kind of Vegetable Juice; such as V8.  You probably won`t be hungry for a long time; and if you are not hungry; it increases your chances of losing weight.

Now, as for what to eat during the day.  And I forgot to mention; with the Cereal; put in it: 1% milk; you don`t want the milk to be fattening.

At any rate; you might eat Porridge during the day; but you might want to avoid brown sugar; and once again; use 1% milk in the Porridge.  But, what you want to eat during the day is up to you.  But, I suggest Porridge.

Now, I am going to say here; I am not a Doctor or Nutritionist; and with whatever diet you choose; you should consult a Doctor and in Possible a Dietitian; but you should at least Consult a Doctor before starting any Diet.  And I cannot be held Responsible for any problems you have; if you do not Consult with the Appropriate Medical People before starting this diet.  And it is best if you consult with Medical Professionals before starting any Diet; including this one.

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