Best Diet To Lose Weight.

This is Best Diet To Lose Weight.  Now, for those out there who have tried other Diets and failed.  I have designed this Diet; to just about help anyone who sticks to this Diet to Lose Weight.  This Diet is designed to help People lose weight.  I am saying that if a Person stays on this diet; they should lose weight.  So, if someone is overweight; and sticks to this Diet; that Person should lose weight.  This Diet is designed for that.

Right here I have to give a warning; for those trying this Diet; this Diet may make the Person “Loose” and or “Fluid”.  In other words; on this Diet; a Person will have to do:  “No. 1.” and “No. 2.” a lot.  So, while on this Diet; please try to make sure that you are always close to a bathroom that you can use.  On this Diet; you should always be close to a Bathroom you can use.

  Now, I am going to put another Warning later; but; I take no responsibility if anyone gets sick on this diet.  And I will say here; before starting any Diet; a Person should check with the appropriate Professionals.  And make sure that they are healthy enough to start a diet; and that the Diet won`t harm them in some way.

  Now; the Diet consists of this:  Yogurt, milk, water, soup, Vegetable juice, Fruit Juice, and Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce.  For the baked beans; it is important that it is not another sauce than Tomato Sauce; or that might be fattening.

  Okay, the recommended serving of yogurt per day; is one serving of Yogurt per day.  I guess you can eat that out of a bowl.  To lose weight; you should drink 3 cups of milk daily.  And for Water; 2 Liters of water a day.  For Soup; 2 to 3 bowls of soup or more.  If you want to have more; you may want to stop at 4 to 5 bowls of soup a day.  And you should have about 5 glasses of fruit and vegetable juice per day.  Or 1.5 Liters of both Fruit and Vegetable juice; 1.5 Liters altogether; but you don`t have to mix them up.  You can drink the fruit and vegetable juice separately.  And eat half a cup of Baked Beans per day.  As said; in Tomato Sauce.

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Now, I must say here; I am not a Doctor; and before going on any type of diet; a Person should see a Health Specialist.  Just to be Clear; before starting my; or any other diet; a Person should see a Doctor.  A Person should also get a Health Check to see that that Person is Healthy enough to start this or any other Diet.  Before starting any type of Diet and or Exercise; a Person should check with a Doctor first.  And I am stating that; I more than highly suggest that before starting this Diet: And or any other Exercise; a Person checks with a Doctor; and checks the Diet over with a Doctor.  And if someone starts my Diet and ignores this warning; I take no responsibility Legal or Otherwise:  If someone starts my Diet; and does not check with a Doctor First:  I take no responsibility:  Legal and or Otherwise.

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Voluptuous Woman  Now, if you want to get in touch with me; I will leave my Email Address after this.  But, I may be Very, VERY Slow to get back to you.  If you want to get in touch with me; it is better to leave a message in the Comments Section.  That is what I am saying; if you want to get in touch with me; I can try to Email you back when I can.  But, if you want a Response sooner; it is better to leave a Comment in the Comments Section.  So, I am asking to the Reader; if the Reader wants me to get back in touch with him or her; sooner than later; the Reader can leave a Comment in the Comments Section.

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  1. Hello again, i have been paying attention to your posts and i this struck me as one that would really be effective in a shrot time but the excessive loss of fluid is a concern for me. i was wondering if there is a way to reduce the five glasses of juice. although i will request for advice with my doctor.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your post on how women can lose weight and be in shape. You provided many clues beneficial not to women only but to men as well. But in my opinion I think adding regular exercise would have been more valuable. Thank you for your great post

  3. Michael, interesting diet. I have done a diet that is all liquid and it is similar to yours, except the baked beans! Which is an interesting idea, because an alternative of the diet I did (that was somewhat of a spiritual process also, called Nirahara Samyama), was that someone with diabetes could have blended soups, which your can of beans could work for (minus the meat! For vegans!) Is there a particular theory or science your diet is based on? TY  

  4. 2020 has begun and I found myself trying to lose weight from the holidays drinking and eating, oh well. This diet is interesting, it is basically a vegetarian diet and I am sure it works. How long do I have to stay in this diet to see the result? Is it safe to stay on this eating regimen longer than a week? Have you tried this diet before? 


  5. Thank you for your post. I am closing to 60 years old and my belly fat becomes bigger and bigger. I think about how to reduce my belly fat, but never take time to do the search.

    Here comes your article. This is one of the most straightforward article on how to lose weight. Your recipe is not complicated, as many lose weight guru try to make the case complicated. Are all materials home-made? I love the home-made stuff.

    It is kind of you sharing this useful information with us. I am so happy that I have solution for my belly fat.

  6. Hello Michael, Thank you for writing on the Best Diet for weight lose. I found your guide is very useful for ladies to lose their weight. The recommended serving of yogurt per day; is one serving of Yogurt per day.  I found Healthy Vegetable Juice is very useful to reduce weight. I will consult doctor before doing any change in my diet.

  7. Hi there! First of all, I would like to thank you for this new way of losing weight and also for your sincerity, that you don’t take any responsibility if somebody is getting sick doing this diet. I found the trick of staying beside the toilet very funny. I will share your page with some womens. 

  8. Thank you for this wonderful post on losing weight. I must tell you that it is very great to be able to learn about this diet from your extract. I surely need to get your ebook now seeing that there is good information just from the extract. I know that it will help me go on Greta diets that can help me lose weight. You are really appreciated. Cheers!

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