New Weight Loss Diet.

This is New Weight Loss Diet.  This Diet should help anyone:  No matter what diets they have tried in the past.  This Diet should be able to help anyone trying it to lose weight; this Diet is new; and has never been tried before.  I have designed this diet; to help anyone who sticks to it; to lose weight.  This New Diet; should be able to help anyone; with whatever they have tried before; to lose weight.

Now, before I go on; I have to give a warning; this Diet may make those using it:  “Fluid.” and or “Loose.”.  In other words; while on this Diet: People on this Diet; may have to do:  “¨No. 1” and “No. 2” a lot.  So, it is best while on this diet to be close to a bathroom that a Person can use; all the time.

  Now, I have been informed; that anything I put on this Website; will be my own Intellectual Property.  So, I am not putting a Copyright Statement; and the diet I put out; is my Intellectual Property.

  This is the Diet:  Boiled Eggs, Yogurt, Soup, Fruit Juice, Vegetable Juice, Water and Coffee.

  Now, if for some reason; you are not able to eat or drink this all?  It is fine; just to stay to the main diet.  And as for Soup; you can have Soup with Beef in it; if you want to get some Meat in this Diet.

  As for eating boiled eggs; you should have one whole and then one Egg White.  And about 3 Servings of Yogurt per day.  You can eat 3 meals of soup per day.  You can have 5 glasses of Fruit and Vegetable Juice a day; but no more.  You should drink about 2 Liters of Water a day.  And you should drink about 4 Cups of Coffee a day.

  And I must warn you again; while on this Diet; you may have to go to the bathroom a LOT.  So, while on this diet; try to always be close to a bathroom; but using this Diet; you should lose weight.

I am going to say here; I take no Legal or other responsibility if someone gets sick off this diet.  I did warn; that before starting this or any other Diet; to consult with a Doctor.  So, if someone tries this Diet; without Consulting with a Doctor and other Medical Professionals first; I take no Responsibility:  Legal and or otherwise;  and the warning is just a bit below to Consult a Doctor; before starting this Diet.

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Now, I must say here:  I am not a Doctor; before starting any kind of new Diet and or Exercise; consult with a Doctor First; and you should get a Health Check first.  But, before starting any kind of new changes in your life; you should Consult with a Doctor.  And I cannot stress this enough; whether for my Diet Plan and or other Diet Plans; do Consult with a Doctor first:  I am more than Highly Stressing this.

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Voluptuous WomanNow, if you want to contact me?  It is better to do it in The Comments Section on this site.  To Contact me; it is much better to do it on the Comments Section on this site; and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  If you want to Email me though:  I will leave my Email Address; and you can communicate with me by Email; but I may be Extremely Slow to Respond.

Thank you;



  1. Hello Michaelw777,
    Thank you for this diet advice on weight loss, as regards making “fluid” or “loose”, it won’t be an issue for me. Looking through your recipe, the boiled egg, yogurt, soup, and water are very familiar items; but for the fruit juice, I am thinking of apple, pineapple, oranges, and banana, which sets of fruits should I combine?

  2. Wow! Good to see you share this weight loss diet. I particularly like it Considering the fact that most of the items we need for this diet are readily available in our kitchen and from around us too. Let’s see how this diet work out. Thank you for sharing this diet with us.

    Kind regards!

  3. this is really a blessing that you have shared to people like us craving for that perfect body shape. I must confess that your level of expertise on this discussion is really vast and I’m delighted that I came across your websites here. You have shared a lot of helpful tips. This diet plan you share here is another welcomed addition to which I will try to work around. Thank you

  4. Hiya Michael

    Thank you for your article about how to lose weight and get in shape. This is an issue for a lot of women so it’s good that you are addressing it. Have you used the diet yourself? Did you lose weight? Did you keep the weight off? How long would you have to follow the diet for to see results? Obviously it is impractical to continue to follow a diet that impacts your bowels to the extent that you need to be constantly near a toilet so is there a maintenance diet for after that reduces the amount of time needed to be spent on the toilet? 

    It’s good that you say to consult a doctor first as everyone should do that. Thanks for the practical solutions you offer, I shall also be checking out the fruit drink you mentioned. Krs PurpleLioness 

  5. Good product! I’m looking for a product for weight loss. However, most of the products that I get from friends are chemical products. And to be honest, I am very interested in the natural products that you offer. If you don’t mind, are you willing to share a little about the fruit juice you wrote down?


  6. Despite you recommending your diet, I love the way you stress the fact that people should consult their doctors first before using it. It is very important we note this. It is not only your product alone but every weight loss product we come across. When we do this, we become aware of the right product for us and avoid any health issues as a result.

  7. Hey Michael, Thank you for writing and finding the New Weight Loss Diet. I enjoyed while reading your guide and find it very useful for me in my weight loss. You are doing an awesome work for fitness lovers. Your guide also awesome for everyone. I will go with healthy fruit drink and I will also discuss my doctor before doing any change in my diet.


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